It’s all too common in today’s society to believe that having more means progress….especially if you turn on the TV and expose yourself to main stream media and marketing!


I been there, but the truth is progress is purely personal!


Your idea of progress is going to be very different to other people’s idea of progress and no amount of main stream media or marketing should ever convince you of what progress truly is for you. You define what progress is through your goals, dreams, vision and aspirations for yourself during this lifetime. Progress is not a BMW or a bigger home or more designer clothes… it’s ultimately what you define it to be!


If you are going to live a truly exceptional and fulfilling life you have to define what progress is for you…because if you leave it up to everyone else they will have you spending every last penny you have consuming things to validate your very existence and to give you a sense of worth in society!


I used to believe that being busy meant progress and that making a lot of money was the equivalent of success, but I was wrong. Extremely wrong!


Now that I’m 26 years old I realize that money it’s just a tool that allows me to impact the life of others. That’s what success to me now it’s all about. And progress is no longer about being busy.


See here is the thing; if you are constantly busy or trying to fill your life up with things that don’t really matter you will never get in touch with yourself and discover what you really want and who you want to become. Take time to drive to your favorite spot or go for a walk somewhere in nature and learn to meditate, reflect, ponder and contemplate your life, dreams, relationships — whatever is on your mind.


You have to make it a priority to give yourself the time to think, understand and reflect on your life and yourself. Don’t fall into that trap and the preconceived ideas of society… have your own ideas, your own set of values and have a plan for your life that determines whether you are making progress or not!


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