If you need money as an incentive to go out and do something meaningful and significant then the chances are you’ll never do anything truly remarkable with your time on this planet.

The truth is money is not a big enough incentive to put yourself through the rejection, humiliation, stress and all the sacrifices you have to make just to keep your dream alive.

In the pursuit of your ideas, dreams and what you truly care about you quickly realize that money is not a big enough reason to wake up every morning and put yourself through the constant stress, rejection and failure that it takes to create something significant.

If you think successful people work for money that is most probably your first misconception about wealth and success.

See, money is an outcome. What the legends and the great entrepreneurs are working for is something no amount of money can buy!

They are working to create their vision, to fulfill their life purpose and mission and to make an impact that leaves a legacy long after they leave this world!

When you stop making money your biggest reason to do anything then and only then will you start to do something significant and meaningful with your life. Allow yourself to feel and experience each and every moment in your life.

Without a healthy understanding and acceptance of the moments that make up your life – you’ll always find it hard to grow and move on.

Time will always pass and the good days often lead into the not so good days. And sometimes you’re going to experience things you wish with your never had to experience.
You can’t always change the things you experience but you can accept them and learn from them.


Happiness isn’t always about loving the times when you had the perfect set of circumstances, it’s often about accepting each moment and unique experience for what it is and allowing yourself to live in that moment. 


It’s funny how life works thought, the moment you stop doing things for the money  –thats the moment you start making more money.

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