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Find A Way Not An Excuse

You’ve to wake up every morning and believe deep down inside that you can do it and that you are strong enough to face whatever challenges life will throw at you. Without a strong sense of self belief you are never going to be able to take on the world and make your dreams a […]

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Your Language Shapes Your Reality

Moving to another country when I was just a kid taught me that we live in two worlds; a physical world & a world of language a.k.a. a world of thoughts.   The physical world is everything around us, a world of absolute truth. Where things can’t be denied  — like the fact that you are […]

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Fuck The Money

If you need money as an incentive to go out and do something meaningful and significant then the chances are you’ll never do anything truly remarkable with your time on this planet.The truth is money is not a big enough incentive to put yourself through the rejection, humiliation, stress and all the sacrifices you have […]

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Stop Taking Advice

Most, if not all, the advice you’re given is useless. Giving advice is easy. People are full of opinions, and we love nothing more than to share them with others. It gives us a chance to talk about ourselves: our opinions are largely based on personal experiences, emotions, and values. Yet, how many of us […]

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Entrepreneurship can look very glamorous from the outside in. Looking at people doing what they love and the media showcasing the fortunes made by mergers and acquisitions in the 8–9 figures can be very tempting but is that the reality of entrepreneurship? Is entrepreneurship truly working a few years of your life so you can enjoy the rest in a way others envy?

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