In life you have two choices:

Be obsessive, over-committed, work around the clock and dedicate yourself to an ideal and a vision that represents your highest ambitions and life purpose! Or you don’t do anything significant and ever get a chance to reach your potential, experience your dreams and make an impact.


If you decide to go with the first option it’s important for you to understand that you can’t create truly beautiful & inspiring work if you are busy trying to replicate a result or emulate someone else’s success!


Unfortunately we live in a world today where people are hungry for a result or an outcome and in most cases, it’s not the outcome or result that matters as much as the work you create!


What separates the great artists like Michelangelo, Steve Jobs, Michael Jackson and Coco Chanel is that they were passionate about their craft and creating beautiful work….. that passion paved the way to their ultimate success, which others would then try to emulate.


If you’re going to be a great entrepreneur, a musician, designer or whatever it is you’re passion might be, you have to learn to love and embrace your work and enjoy the process of creating your ART!


Make it your mission to create work that makes you feel proud and that represents the very fabric of your creativity…… stop chasing a certain grade at university, stop chasing money at work or in your business and stop trying to replicate the success of others and start creating beautiful, unique and authentic work that forms part of your unique DNA!


If you choose the second option… well I don’t know what to tell you. I don’t speak little bitch.

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