Your Language Shapes Your Reality

Moving to another country when I was just a kid taught me that we live in two worlds; a physical world & a world of language a.k.a. a world of thoughts.


The physical world is everything around us, a world of absolute truth. Where things can’t be denied  — like the fact that you are reading this out of the internet or that you have two legs (hopefully).


And there is also the world of language. A world that only exists in our head. A world of relative truth, where things that we can’t physically touch but yet exist as understandings, as ideas, concepts, where synthesize complex ideas live such as what a company is.


Understanding that we live in two worlds simultaneously allowed me to realize that I can actually shape my own reality.


I can architect my physical world by re-programing my thoughts by constantly exposing myself to new information and ideas.


Now I can truly say that I am free, that I have no limits.


See, when we are born our physical world shapes and architects our world of language – and as we grow older our physical world beings to be influenced and architected by our world of language.


Studies have shown that 75% of the way we interact with the world as adults is a reflection of our childhood.


Let’s take the word “God” as an example. We have many definitions of what a God should look like or what it is. Exist only as an idea in our brain, yet people can go an live their entire lives around this idea. Words allows to create our world.


Ludwig Wittgenstein has a quote that has become a big part of my life:


“The limits of my language means the limits of my world.”


And here is where the problem lays.


We tend to program and craft our lives based on the words in which we associate with.


Sometimes this words can lead us into a trap. Traps such as a college degree, our professional careers, a 9 to 5, money, expensive cars, traveling, what love is, having that need to go find yourself somewhere in the middle of Spain and so on.


We end up living our lives setting goals to achieve this ideas that are nothing more than linguistic structures.


My family is a great example of this linguistic structures. All of them believe in hard work. In have a college degree and living a “safe” and “stable” life.


I used to be trapped in the same mindset until I move to the U.S. and realized that there was much more.


I was fascinated by the fact that this country was founded on entrepreneurship. That I could actually own a business and hire people rather than work for someone.


When I told my family that I wanted to put it all in the line and risk absolutely everything to start my own business they told me I was crazy, to not waste my time.


And I don’t blame them. I actually understand them.


My family lives monotonous lives, lives which have shape their world of language and their vision of whats possible for me or how I should live my life.


Their behavior and expectations towards me are coherent with what they have experience in life. They haven’t been expose to the same ideas I have.


My understanding of the world and whats possible for me are drastically different from theirs.


You actually have the power to design your life – to architect your own reality.


All you have to do is expose yourself to a completely different set of ideas.


Ideas that make you feel challenged, uncomfortable, intrigued.


Find people who are already living the life you want to live and by hanging out with them your world of language will be stimulated and then it will start to transform your physical world a.k.a. your reality.



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