It took me a long time to understand that I don’t need everyone to see my vision or try and understand my dreams and goals!


I don’t expect everyone to understand or even begin imagine what I am building because it is beyond most people, their interests or budget. To put it nicely most people you know do what they can based on their level of awareness, which basically means that they live in a bubble and when an idea or believe force them to see beyond that bubble they get scare and try to shut it down. Remember this next time you try to explain your vision to others. Most people won’t get it because they simply aren’t in the market for your ideas and creations!


And that’s a good thing because what you’re creating isn’t for everyone!


Keep your vision to yourself, work on it and one day they will get it. Even if they may never be able to afford or experience your genius..


Create your work for those who care and get it, they are the ones who will pay the bills and help you create your vision and masterpiece.


No matter what people tell you… your words, your ideas and your ART can and will make a difference in this world!


Never ever listen to anyone who tells you otherwise… if you have an idea, something you want to share with the world and you want to just get up and talk about your passion then get up and do it!


You have a duty to the world to share your gifts and talents and don’t let anyone make you feel that you have nothing of value to offer… as long as you trust yourself they can never silence your gift, your purpose and your ART!


If I listened to the opinions of others I would have never moved to Houston from Mexico City when I was just a little 14 years old kind with dreams and ambitions, I would have never started my businesses and become the man I am today. If I listened to the opinions of others I would have been an echo of myself in the pursuit of myself.

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